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Hi Aviv, I've just stumbled across your work and find it inspiring.

I agree that your work is important from the perspective of global ramifications of mass media, media platforms and AGI.

The challenges and threats you identify are also relevant to existing non-tech related power imbalances at the center of many other issues of social concern.

One example is how to tackle social problems around addictions and mobilising those in the problem to be a large part of the solution in the face of fear, prejudice and stigma.

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Thank you for this, I've been wondering how technology can actually make us participatory in our communities and societies and further engaged with one another - and this feels like a huge piece of that puzzle.

The other being, how to code AI to be the best of humanity vs the worst of it.

If you have a moment, it'd be great to share the discussions that we in the theatre world have been having on how our knowledge system holds some of the pieces of this puzzle as well

Jehan Manekshaw.

Co-Curator, Unrehearsed Futures @ the Drama School Mumbai

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Dec 10, 2022Liked by Aviv Ovadya

This makes me sad to see we were so close to Twitter having a chance and then Musk blew that chance to smithereens. :-(

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Well done for persevering on this. I suggested something like this to Facebook over a decade ago and then to one of their gov affairs guys about four years ago.

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