I’m Aviv Ovadya a technologist and researcher working to reimagine how we can live with and govern transformative technology; affiliated with Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center among other organizations. My full bio can be found at aviv.me.

My goal with this newsletter is to share useful ideas and actionable hope at the messy intersection of technology and society—positive visions of a world where technology is good for people—and concrete actions that can help take us there.

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You can also find me at @metaviv, aviv@mastodon.online, and Aviv Ovadya on LinkedIn; and contact me aviv@aviv.me.

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How can we ensure that democratic capacity can keep pace with AI advances? What are achievable positive visions for a world being transformed by technology?


Ensuring democratic capacity can keep pace with AI advances • 📧 Email: av@aviv.me • AI & Democracy Foundation (launching soon), Harvard BKC & Ash, GovAI, newDemocracy • @metaviv @aviv@mastodon.online • Based in San Francisco